Palc Chemical Española, with more than 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of products to look after the shoes and the leather, and with incessant improvements in our assistance, has achieved to obtain the confidence of the most important companies for the production of their own brands.

The agreement that we assume is to give the best service to our customers, producing our best products to the best price, with the speed that the market is asking for. For this reason, our Marketing Department is giving to our wide range of products, the new progresses and novelties that the market is asking for. We are guaranteed by the agreement of a well structured organization that we offer you.

    We are working not only in the National Market where we are widely known but also in the International Market where our presence is increasing day by day.

    Throughout this way we have been characterised by the same way of working: the quality of our products as well as the professionalism of our staff.

    The organization of our company is designed in order to obtain the best

satisfaction of our customers and we continue working in the same way.

Laboratory of Applied Investigation:

Development of personalized lines.

Stability in the shapes.

Updated formulas.

Essays of efficiency.

Special laboratory of Quality Control.

Special checking (physical and chemical) of the raw materials.

Toxicity test.

Periferical Essays.

Analitic control of the Polymeres for the production of packaging.

Department of Creation and Design:

We have in this Department highly qualified personnel, with the technical elements which  are necessary for the development of any project.


With technological and modern facilities which we continue renovating, that allows us to face high productions.


The logistic of an efficient distribution is guaranteed by the established agreements done with highly recognised companies.